Unmanned Aerial System X4


Territory Monitoring

Border protection and patrouling, public events monitoring.

Disaster Management

Disaster prevention, assesment and localization. Coordination of ground services. Injured search at night and daytime.

Nature Monitoring

Forest and water resources protection, forest fire monitoring, illegal fishing, hunting, deforestation and garbage dumping detection, wildlife inventory.

Pipeline Inspection

Leackage and unauthorized activity detection, pipeline condition monitoring.

Powerlines Inspection

Powerlines inspection, unauthorized activity and wire cutting detection, deffects detection.

Reconnaissance Operations

Moving and static objects tracking at night and daytime. Coordination of ground services. Target designation and recognition.

Construction Monitoring

Building process monitoring, condition control, safety control, mapping.


Carbon fiber props

Carbon fiber propellers provide high strength and reliability in operation.

Carbon fiber frame

Carbon fiber frame increases strength and reduces weight of the aircraft.

Custom software

Groundstation software allows expanding its functionality in accordance with customer`s requirements.

Custom hardware

Custom autopilot allows to connect additional equipment in accordance with customer`s requirements.

Flight time

Carbon fiber usage and specially matched propulsion system allows long time flights with payload.



Name X4
Dimensions 756 x 756 x 223 mm
Dimensions (w/o props) 449 x 449 x 223 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Protection IP65


Max range 5 km
Max speed 12 m/s
Max flight time 50 min
Max flight time w/ payload 40 min
Max payload weight 350 g
Operating temperature range -25 … +45 ºС
Satellite Positioning Systems GPS + GLONASS