Software development

Includes the development of embedded and system software. The built-in software developed by us meets the highest requirements for reliability and protection, since it depends on the reliability of our systems in standalone mode when performing special tasks.

We develop embedded software for the following subsystems:
– autonomous piloting and navigational systems
– servo drives
– special sensors
– telemetry equipment

The system software is developed taking into account the specific requirements of the customer for ergonomics with the ability to work on various operating systems.

We develop system software for the following subsystems:
– ground control stations
– vision systems (recognition of objects, automatic capture and tracking of objects)
– simulation modeling systems (mathematical modeling and training)
– systems of post-flight analysis of information onboard recorders

Electrical engineering

Includes circuit design of various subsystems, from power supply systems of various robotic platforms, high-current and low-current systems, systems using modern microcontrollers and FPGAs, digital signal processing, to calculation and design of high frequency RF paths and antenna systems.

Our solutions go through all the stages from calculation, simulation, to the development of circuit diagrams and printed circuit boards.

Composite production

We have our own small-scale composite production.

It allows you to make a prototype of a product made of composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber), develop a technology for manufacturing both single and mass products.

Our solutions:
– casings for UAVs and other robotic systems
– development and manufacture of auxiliary and spare parts
– development and manufacture of unique products according to customer requirements
– preparation and organization of production of products from composite materials

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical design includes the development of a model of a part, assembly or product in special software packages, strength analysis of parts, modeling of the kinematics of motion of various mechanisms. In addition, it is the preparation of 3D models for the production of parts and assemblies.

Our solutions:
– development of 3D models
– development of master models
– strength calculation of parts and assemblies
– preparation of documentation for production and support of products
– rapid prototyping